It’s 2020 and we wish all our readers, friends, supporters, sponsors and family a wonderful new year filled with prosperity and excellent trails. The big news for us this past month has been the sell out of entries to our main race, the Drak Descent, which is such great news in these current economic times. So thank you to each and every one of you who have committed to being part of the 2020 event. We are thrilled to have you as a participant and look forward to giving you a wonderful experience.

That being said, if you aren’t lucky enough to have secured an entry for the full event, then there is still space available in the Drak MTB Challenge and the run the Rivers Trail Run, so you can be part of the wonderful weekend – the FNB Drak Adventure Weekend. Please take note that the MTB Challenge is also technically challenging as the name suggests.

Do we need to remind you about the awesome band line up for the concert that all participants will receive tickets. No, we thought not – we’re sure you are looking forward to that as much as we are. It will be at the Underberg Club from 17h15.

Here’s the line-up if you have missed it:

17h15 – 18h00 Steve Umculo
18h30 – 19h30 Desmond & the Tutu’s
19h45 – 20h30 Mali Zulu
20h30- 2130  Prime Circle

We do hope you have been training and not focusing on the pies and pudding too much, or the dop & chops because the ride is still a ride & the run is a trail! Don’t be complacent – but that being said, you now have 2 extra weeks to get in some mileage to prepare for race day. Here is a reminder of the distances you are in for:

Drak Descent
Day 1 – 42km
Day 2 – 45km

Drak MTB Challenge
Day 1 – 25km
Day 2 – 18km

Run the Rivers
Day 1 – 25km
Day 2 – 16km

Run the Rivers Lite
Day 1 – 12km
Day 2 – 8km

Our most commonly asked questions, which may be of interest to you, have been:

Q: Where is my event start?

Drak Descent
Day 1 – Restmount Children’s Home (16km up the Drak Gardens Road)
Day 2 – Glencairn Farm (Home of Sani 2c)

Drak MTB Challenge
Day 1 – Restmount Children’s Home (16km up the Drak Gardens Road)
Day 2 – Glenhaven (12km down the 1st Coleford Road)

Both Run the Rivers Trail Runs
Day 1 – Rainbow Farm on the Drak Gardens Road
Day 2 – Umzimkulu River Lodge (start & finish venue day 2)

Q: Can we do substitutions?
A: Yes, at a cost of R200 per person. Please log onto your profile on your online entry and edit accordingly.

Q: Is there any accommodation available?
A: Yes there is, please see this link to choose your preference:

Camping at Glencairn:

Your final race instructions will be sent to you in our final newsletter before the race, but please be reminded of the following:


We are available to answer any other questions and make your event as fun as possible, so please feel free to email us on:

Please connect with us on social media as that is where so much of our content and information is circulated. Give us your feedback and comments there please, as we are always wanting to improve:

Drak Descent:

Run the Rivers:

To everyone who has come and joined us and loved our trails over the holiday period, thank you so much. To our new visitors, welcome and to those returning, thanks for coming back – we hope the trail stoke has been as high as ever. We have had record numbers of riders this holiday and we are sure its due to the word being out that the trails are the king!

So for now, keep it real and keep it upright. See you soon.

The Sani Spoors Team